Havok opens Copenhagen office

New studio to be headed by Thomas Jakobsen

Physics simulation specialist Havok has opened a new office in Copenhagen, Denmark, which will be lead by Thomas Jakobsen.

Jakobsen was formerly head of research at Hitman developer IO Interactive, where he worked on physics and pathfinding implementation.

"The establishment of Havok's Copenhagen office and the addition to our team of such a respected developer as Thomas Jakobsen further cements Havok's commitment to remain the Physics leader in both development and optimization on all platforms," said David Coghlan, Managing Director of Havok.

"Our Copenhagen office joins a family of now six offices worldwide, and will be a key R&D hub for Havok, as we aggressively grow and evolve the company alongside the exciting and ever-changing games industry."

The office will serve as a reseach and development centre for the company, with a number of roles currently being recruited for. Havok, which was bought by Intel in 2007, recently acquired the Kore Virtual Machine from developer New Game Technologies, shortly before announcing a new, lower-priced SDK for smaller developers.

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Efrain Garcia Web editor, Juego de Talento9 years ago
It's always good to know some companies can still grow, despite the difficult times for the industry.
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