Telltale acquires King's Quest, Walking Dead, Fables licenses

Adventure-game maker says Back to the Future its most successful ever

Developer Telltale has previously created games based on the Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Back to the Future, Wallace & Gromit and Homestar Runner IPs, and has a Jurassic Park game forthcoming.

But on Friday it revealed plans to add comic/TV series The Walking Dead, DC comic Fables and a reboot of long-dead Sierra adventure franchise King's Quest to that roster. These appear to all be episodic releases, as have been the majority of Telltale's previous adventures.

Also in the pipeline is a sequel to its own Puzzle Agent and a partnership/publishing deal for indie adventure Hector: Badge of Carnage.

Meanwhile, the firm's marketing SVP Steve Allison revealed in a recent press event (as attended by Joystiq) that Back to the Future was "certainly our most successful franchise to date."

This was based on just one episode of the series having been released (a second arrived last week), although the firm sold the entire run as a complete pack. Allison attributed the success to the license and the strong voice-acting in the game. The series is available on PC, Mac, iPad and PSN.

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I hope they buy the old Infocom licenses and make some awesome remakes from it. Hello Planetfall.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
Just got BttF episode 1 an hour ago, they are giving it for free. That must help sales of the series, not sure if they've done this much in the past?
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Paul Trowe President & CEO, Replay Games6 years ago
Unless TT re-publishes King's Quest with the original story and just upgrade the art, sound, etc., then I'm pretty sure it's going to flop. After all, Roberta Williams is the original designer / storyteller and I seriously doubt anyone can do as good of a job, or even close to what she developed. I mean, look at what Vivendi did to Leisure Suit Larry! Last time I spoke to Activision they wanted a high 6 figure guarantee and somewhere near 50% revenue share. I'm not on crack so I didn't do the deal. LOL
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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 6 years ago
Hmm.. I can't say that I'm thrilled with the prospect of TT turning King's Quest into yet another 'cartoon'based adventure game.. Personally I really don't care about the episodic gaming, and it always just seems to me as getting the money and run when episode 1 or 2 isn't succesfull and never ending the serie (which has happened a lot with episodic gaming, not with TT though).. If you truly believe you have a great concept/game than first finish it completely and sell it as one..
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