Bungie's Activision game reportedly an MMO shooter

Game allegedly called Destiny, is "WoW in space"

The rumours that Bungie's mystery multi-platform project for Activision would be an online universe have been accentuated by a claim that the game is a massively multiplayer shooter.

Someone claiming to be a former Bungie contractor alleged to games blog Kotaku that the game is to be called Destiny, and is akin to "WoW in space."

The source also claimed that the project was codenamed Tiger, features a bespoke graphics engine and will be a sci-fi title.

In its last round of financials, Activision Blizzard closed down a number of internal studios and franchises, further making Warcraft and Call of Duty the cornerstones of its business, but stressed that it planned to look more and more to online.

The report is purely at rumour stage for now, with neither Bungie or Activision having yet offered comment.

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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
It wouldn't be surprising; given Bungie's success in the online field over the years, and their penchant for sci-fi and shooters, this sounds very plausible. I wonder if it will be ready to reveal at E3 this year, considering they have been collaborating on the project for almost two years.

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Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments7 years ago
Haven't blizzard implied their next MMO will be part shooter? Seems odd for actibliz to we working on a competitor for that?
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You could have two shades of the same Genre and still do successfully.
The sci fi market is currently koolaid and has much room for occupation
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Jake Clayton7 years ago
neil young, this is the next mmo they have rumored.

bungy + activision blizzard = awesome fps sci fi mmo. (hopefully)
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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart7 years ago
ATVI management talk about the "Bungie World" that sort of implies something more than a linear FPS (aka Halo style). It could just be more an open world/sandbox - say Halo Theft Auto (for want of a better expression) .... it does not have to be a MMO. Plus that's not Bungies' skillset it's Blizzards. So my guess is a Bungie Sci-Fi Sandbox open world game with a massive MP component and the Blizzard MMO as already expected. And both very separate - as if Mike Morhaine is going to work with another games developer.....
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Maybe I'm cynical, but I can't help but feel a shiver of terror at the phrase "World Of Warcraft in space".

...come to think of it, wasn't that just the Burning Crusade expansion?
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Well, by the time their MMOFPS gets released a 460 GTX will probably only be about $60. With that in mind the kind of tech on older systems then that will be standard might make for a much better game.

I am just wondering how long Blizzard has been working on the engine for this Next Gen MMO? Doesn't it typically take up to 3 years just to develop the engine?

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I was thinking more of COD in space
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Mazeltof Conceptual Imagineer 7 years ago
Massive Streaming Worlds are the future.
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Sheridan Thirsk Software Engineer, Big Bang Entertainment7 years ago
I always like when talented companies take a big risk. If it turns out to be space theft auto, i'll be disappointed that they didn't dream big enough.
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James Prendergast Research Chemist 7 years ago
Well, at least we have Planetside 2 coming soonish!
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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart7 years ago
What has always amazed me is how they can keep it secret. It's in peoples' nature to spill the beans even annoymously. How do they do it? Especially if it is a contractor who has no ownership or stake in the end product.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 7 years ago
As long as it's not "Hey! we're going to make the best MMO shooter EVAR" that never came out (or is still in development hell or whatever) Huxley and it has a single player component for those who don't want 14-year old jerks (and those that act like them) cursing at them endlessly or questioning their sexual status/preferences, I'll give it a try.

I'm gathering Activision and Bungie are expecting name recognition and some amazing visuals to draw in the Halo/COD crowd from day one.

Sounds peachy and all, but I dunno... some developer needs to think about doing a "hard" sci- fi game or maybe adapt something hard to imagine as a game experience or controversial like The Stars My Destination or The Sacred & The Profane (which would make a pretty interesting mini-series under the right hands)...
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Greg Meurders Venture Capital Consultant 7 years ago
It will be interesting to keep an eye on this, in regards to CCP's upcoming Dust 514 which according to a recent publication in Edge magazine is to be presented as a sci fi fps mmo, but for console only it seems.
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Jake Stefanov Game Producer, XS Software JSCo7 years ago
It's all about the evolution of the MMORPG genre, if the manage to convert every CoD junkie into a paying subscriber for an online shooter with rpg mechanics and at the same time convert existing WoW subscribers, future Diablo 3 manicas and blizzard lore fans with something that reminds World of "Starcraft". The estimate would be around 20 million active subscriptions, generating tremendous revenue and continuing Blizzards hegemony in the MMO subscription niche.
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