Profits up for Namco Bandai

Enslaved sells 460k units in three month period

Profits at Namco Bandai for the third quarter ended December 31 have risen to 3.67 billion ($44.9m / 27.6m), from a loss of 11.7 billion ($143.17m / 88.2m) last year.

Sales were up marginally to 288.03 billion ($3.52bn / 2.17bn) compared to the comparable quarter.

The publisher revealed today that Tekken 6 has been its most successful title in the quarter, with sales of over one million units.

The Ninja Theory developed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has sold 460,000 units since release, as has PSP title God Eater Burst. Toy license Ben 10: Ultimate Alien shifted 490,000 units in the three month period.

For the full financial year, Namco Bandai expects profits of 1.8 billion ($22.02m / 13.58m).

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Thomas Palpant Writer/editor for, a french industry videogames website 7 years ago
Matt, I think the figures you give are for the 9 month period, not the quarter
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