"One in three households" have Wii console

Nintendo reveals numbers alongside celebrity Christmas endorsement line-up

Nintendo has revealed that one in three households in the UK contain a Wii console, while over 11 million people - around one in six people - own a DS handheld.

The statistics, supplied by GfK Chart-Track, have been released alongside the company's Christmas line-up, which includes an array of UK celebrity spokespeoeple.

Topping the list is actress Dame Helen Mirren, who will be promoting Wii Fit Plus, while pop group JLS is fronting Wii Party.

Meanwhile, broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan will be endorsing Brain Training as pop-football duo Louise and Jamie Redknapp enthuse over New Super Mario Bros.

Other names involved in Nintendo's advertising plans include Alexandra Burke, Olly Murs, Ant and Dec and Jedward.

"This year's star line up is the best yet, demonstrating the wide appeal of Nintendo products," commented Nintendo UK marketing director Dawn Paine. "This Christmas, with the help of our celebrity friends, we will be helping the nation play together and have fun whatever their age."

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Chris Hayward7 years ago
Other publishers should really try and push older titles over the holiday season in the way in which Nintendo do. I was shocked to see Sony not pushing LittleBigPlanet last Christmas when it would've been the perfect title to push with the launch of the Slim, especially as it was at a discount Platinum price at that point (i think)
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Tommy Thompson Studying Artificial Intelligence (PhD), University of Strathclyde7 years ago
To their credit, Nintendos marketing campaigns in the last few years have really pushed their exposure and status. While these adverts are often rather cliched, they still catch the attention of many consumers - myself included. As Chris says, to see them continually pushing titles released quite some time ago is a trick that Sony especially, given the collection of exclusives they have like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, MGS, Demons Souls etc., should be pushing to achieve.
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Ronan Price Assistant editor, Irish Independent7 years ago
They're not your celebrity "friends", Dawn. They are people you paid to say what you tell them to say. Bit of a difference.

Also, "celebrities" is pushing it a bit with the inclusion of Olly Murs, etc, don't you think?

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Pete Thompson Editor 7 years ago
Jedwood celebrities?? I mute the sound or change channel when those numpties are on tv, absolutley detest everything about them.. I'd recommend not using them as they could do more harm than good for Nintendo's reputation.. :-)
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