Gearbox to release Duke Nukem Forever in 2011

Completion of 3D Realms' notoriously-delayed shooter announced at PAX

Gearbox Software has confirmed recent rumour that it would complete development on long-delayed shooter Duke Nukem Forever, following last year's closure of original developer 3D Realms.

The reborn game was unveiled at the PAX conference today, with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford confirming release to the Wall Street Journal.

"Clearly the game hadn't been finished at 3D Realms but a lot of content had been created," he said.

"The approach and investment and process at 3D Realms didn't quite make it and it cracked at the end. With Gearbox Software we brought all those pieces together. It's the game it was meant to be."

The game will be released next year, despite The Wall Street Journal's claim it might be 2010.

A live stream of the Duke Nukem Forever presentation is available here at the time of writing.

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Latest comments (20)

Stephen Northcott Senior Consulting Engineer 10 years ago
I'll believe it when I see it.

The only knowledge of, or interest in this game that I have is the folklore surrounding its long and tortuous development. It should be made into a movie.... and is probably more deserving of that than any previous game / movie franchise! ;)

Or perhaps a Soap Opera...
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David Stenow10 years ago
I'm inclined to agree, the character of Duke has aged terribly since Duke Nukem 3D. Steroids and strippers? The 18-year old boys today were 4 when the last "real" game in the franchise were released.
Unless Gearbox does something spectacular to reinvent the brand, I cannot see this ending well. And by the looks of the PAX live demo it looks like they're going to compete with CoD/BF/Halo. I can only wish the best of luck to Gearbox.

A documentary about the development of this game however, that would be something to tell your grandchildren about.
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Private Industry 10 years ago
Probably going to buy it if it is going to be released, just out of curiosity to see what people can do if they develop a game for over 10 years. :D

I wish Gearbox good luck with it and hope they will not need 10 years like 3D Realms. :)
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 10 years ago
I agree with David about the character. I also think that women in tanks getting raped by aliens might go down badly with the public.

On the other hand, Gearbox have some talented writers. Maybe they could turn DNF into some Freudian nightmare. Duke's Mum as the final boss?
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Neil Alphonso Lead Designer, Splash Damage Ltd10 years ago
I'm sure the game has other bombs to drop.
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Cain Sinopoulos Community Developer, Massive - A Ubisoft Studio10 years ago
This idea for me has worn thin. After the seemingly endless wait fans of the series were left to endure, and the originally funny, yet soon to become bluntly arrogant estimate of "When it's done..." had troddled on for sometime. The game has since faded from my wish list and into the trash.

I really do hope Gearbox can bring back the anticipation I once had at seeing this game come into existence, as I know they are capable of doing. I hope it is all that it is cracked up to be and that it is successful. I mean after all this time it better be for Gearbox's sake.
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James Prendergast Process Specialist 10 years ago
Personally i'm looking forward to Duke's return. Lots of nostalgia there for me! However, i completely disagree with people who say he's outdated. Duke was always a mockery of the actual action heroes of the 80s (and before) and i don't think that gets 'old'. Also, the action hero still exists today though he(and now, more prominently, she) is just more gritty and usually portrayed as an antihero (though they seldom fit into this archetype beyond the audience being informed that that is what they are).

What's the difference between quippy one-liner cheese-meister Duke and any of the characters from series like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty.... even the Half Lives where the dialogue is spoken around your character? The answer is seriousness. There's still the same amount of crap and ridiculousness it's just muttered in a more matter-of-fact manner. I think a 'humorous' take on the FPS and action genres would make a nice change.
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Private Industry 10 years ago
Zero Punctuation already reviewed the game a year ago, everything there is to know about the game is in the review. :D
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Benjamin Dixon Studying Computer Games Design and Programming, Staffordshire University10 years ago
I'm interested in knowing more about the game and maybe I'll get some hands on time at Eurogamer in a few weeks. If I'm impressed by the demo without the polish, I'll most probably buy it. I have faith in Gearbox. I've really enjoyed playing the brothers in arms games.
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Adrian Gilby Senior Programmer, Codemasters10 years ago
Gearbox are a good choice to get the game finished. They have plenty of UE3 experience, they're good at taking existing codebases and assets and working with them (remember they did the first Half Life expansion and more recently the Halo PC port), plus they have a bunch of talented people and they can clearly make fun games.

All the best with it! I'm sure it'll be a professional job, so for the first time in many years I'm daring to hope that DNF will be a fun game.
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Robert Douglas Studying B.A in Game Art and Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh10 years ago
Until there's a retail UPC/SKU available and it's on store shelves, I won't believe it. There has been working code for some time now--even near finished code, yet it still hasn't come out. I second the idea of following the tumultuous journey of the development of this game in documentary form. Would be great to see the rise and fall of 3DRealms and the perseverance of the Duke throughout. Good luck to Gearbox...if they do manage to release it; what will become the next example of great vaporware?
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Tom Keresztes Programmer 10 years ago
Shake it, baby !
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Philipp Nassau Student - Business Administration (M. Sc.) 10 years ago
Seems like it is soon going to be time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Even though the game may have been in development far too long, what does it matter to most consumers? At best, the game profits from being known around gamers, at worst the younger ones may not know it was in development for ages and see it for what it is: a game that will have to face the competition like every other one. It will sell some copies thanks to the legacy, the majority however will come down to how good it is. I remember seeing some alpha footage about a year ago and it looked great, especially animation wise. Let's hope for the best.
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And no-one believed me when I said it WILL come out one day. Neither friends nor co-workers.
Hail to the king, baby!
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Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Rebellion Developments10 years ago
Too good to be true. It's been in development for way too long, I kinda wish it'd just fade away after so many years, nevertheless I wish Gearbox all the best and look forward to seeing what comes of this.
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Britton Taylor Quality Assurance Tester, TimeGate Studios10 years ago
It'll be an instant buy from me if it comes with a mini-documentary or at least an hour or two presenting the history of the game. The Collector's Edition should be geared towards this type of content! Of course, I wouldn't mind some bubblegum...
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Justin Jackson10 years ago
Compared with todays hero's, at least the duke knows what he wants and doesn't go about makeing excuses like not having mommy or daddy or covering it up with BS interlectual gibberish.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Justin Jackson on 6th September 2010 12:59am

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Tomas Lidström Lighting Artist, Rebellion10 years ago
Anyone interested in DNFs development, before this Gearbox buisness happend, turn your browser to:
[link url=

On topic: When I hold the game firmly in my hand, waiting on the install process to finish I am sure I will still be a little on edge, given the history of the game. I just find it hard to believe that its coming out and untill I actually play the game, Im just not going to care. :)
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany10 years ago
Hard not to make jokes about this title.

But what can I say; I'm glad if this project eventually sees the light.
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God, i haven.t played Duke in since 97. Best of luck to gear box :D looking forward to it.
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