Gamescom prepares for biggest expo yet

Organisers to welcome a record 200 foreign companies, with 200 product premieres

The number of exhibitors for the imminent Gamescom event in Germany has risen to 480 this year, as organisers prepare to host 220 foreign companies at the joint trade and public event.

Held in Cologne between August 18-22 , Gamescom 2010 will see the number of exhibitors rise from 458 the previous year. The number of foreign companies in attendance has increased by 8.3 per cent and the share of foreign exhibitors has risen from 43.9 per cent to 45.5 per cent.

The Jobs & Career Centre also boasts 250 vacancies from around the world.

The event also hopes to see a total of 200 world, European and German product premieres - double the amount from 2009. Although support from publishers has not been universal, with Sega and Capcom not in attendance, others continue to use the event for major announcements.

For the first time Gamescom will be promoting a partner country, with Canada taking the inaugural honours. GDC Europe will also take place in the business area of the event for the first time.

Other planned events including the e-sports ASUS European Nations Championship, held by the Electronic Sports League (ESL). The 9th International Case Modding Championships will also take place, as well as a retro gaming exhibition.

Further information can be found at the official website.

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