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Angry Honey

GameKiss's first iPhone game ranks highly in Asia.

- Accelerated mobile market entrance with development of profitable games

“Angry Honey”, a mobile game launched in the smart phone market by GameKiss last month is favored in many Asian countries.

Registered in App Store at the end of June, its entrance was successful ranking top in ‘Top Free’, App Store’s download service, in seven countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines as of July 12, two weeks after the registration.

“Angry Honey” is an iPhone game firstly introduced by GameKiss last month. As the title says, the game is a rhythm action as a wife, in a fight with her husband, gets very angry and throws things away. The husband breaks the things thrown by the wife in order to survive.

While most of rhythm action games use actual music, this game has reinterpreted new subjects with rhythm action. While you break things in the game, you will hear the breaking sound and feel the rhythm. Anyone can enjoy the percussion while hitting and get rid of stress.

Roman, a PM from GameKiss said, “Angry Honey is a pilot project tested before we accelerate mobile platform business. It has been developed to test the market responses and product development process. The success in Asia has made us confident to go to the global market and we will now work for the business to gain profit.”

GameKiss has registered its second iPhone game, “Fly Gaga” in Canadian App Store for free and the game is being sold now. By the end of July, it will be registered in Korean and overseas markets.

‘Fly Gaga’ is an arcade game in which a baby rides a trampoline, acquires items, avoids barriers, and gets higher and you will feel the thrill and delight. It’s never been promoted but over two days, it is favored in the market as 100 downloads took place.

About GameKiss.com

Global multiplayer online game portal site launched by JCE on February 2009, starting with MMO game, FreeStyle Street Basketball. It has Valkyrie Sky and GhostX in service. With the vision of ‘Providing FUN never before presented to the world’, it will continue to progress to introduce quality contents to global gamers in the world.

GameKiss PR Contact: global@joycity.com


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