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Angry Birds reaches 100 million downloads

200 million minutes a day spent playing mobile game across all devices

Mobile sensation Angry Birds has seen its 100 millionth download, according to Rovio marketing exec Peter Vesterbacka, who claims: "everyone is playing Angry Birds".

Vesterbacka revealed that the game also recently celebrated its 40 million monthly active user, with players now spending 200 million minutes a day on the game across various different versions and hardware.

Vesterbacka was speaking at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Texas, where he was previously reported as saying that the console market was "dying".

Rovio claims 40% of revenues come from non-game business, such as merchandising and licensing

According to Mobile Entertainment he insisted that "tablets are killing console".

"Four generations of new tablets come before a new console, if one ever comes," he added - as the iPad 2 tablet is released in North America.

Despite this apparent disdain for traditional video game formats Angry Birds is shortly due to be released as a PlayStation Network download, with WiiWare and Nintendo 3DS versions also planned.

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