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Amazon Moments lets mobile developers offer digital and physical incentives

Launched today, tool broadens reward possibilities beyond in-app items

Today, Amazon has announced the launch of Amazon Moments, a tool that allows mobile developers to use the company's services to fulfill digital and physical reward incentives for actions taken within their apps.

Moments integrates with apps by allowing developers to set up campaigns that establish what actions they want users to take, then once those actions are taken, Amazon will fulfill the established digital or physical rewards from anything available in its catalogue. Because the tool is through Amazon, it includes features such as two-day shipping for Prime users and tracking information on physical goods.

The tool uses a cost-per-action pricing model, so developers only pay when users undertake the set actions to receive the determined reward.

Thus far, mostly non-gaming apps and companies have taken advantage of moments such as The Washington Post, TikTok, Sony Crackle, Sesame Workshop, Bravo, USA TODAY, Sago Mini, and Bell Canada. However, the API is intended to work across apps of all types, meaning mobile gaming apps could also use the program to reward users with physical products for doing certain actions in a game.

"With Moments, Amazon is reinventing the way companies approach marketing by letting them turn engagement campaigns into rewarding moments that drive long-term value," said Amazon Moments head Amir Kabbara. "Moments removes complexity for developers by packaging reward programs into a simple, self-service console that lets marketers set up campaigns quickly without worrying about reward sourcing, management, or fulfillment."

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