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Alten8 alleviates work related tension

Office Massacre announced for worldwide distribution

Mobile games and content developer and publisher Alten8 has announced the first in a series of worldwide distribution deals forming part of the company's international expansion plans, in a deal which will see Alten8 partnering with Zen Creations for the launch of Office Massacre.

A decidedly tongue-in-cheek title with a twist of malevolence thrown in for good measure, Office Massacre is billed as having "all the ingredients to be a cult, dark-humoured, tongue-in-cheek cartoon phone game," in which players can unleash their work-related rage in a safe, fictional cartoon universe.

Using simple one-button gameplay, and featuring cartoon characters with oversized caricature style heads, the game lets players mow down co-workers, law enforcement officers and company executives as they embark on a virtual killing spree to rid themselves of all that pent-up Monday morning angst.

Available for a range of approximately 140 handsets, Alten8 has secured worldwide distribution rights for the title, and will be porting the game to additional mobile devices, with the potential of extending the license to encompass a number of alternative platforms.

Office Massacre is scheduled for an April release, and marks the first in a series of worldwide exclusive titles for the growing company. Alten8 currently focuses on licensing retro titles for its retro-soft brand, in addition to working with multiple developers to secure new content under the Alten8 label. With releases on Pocket PC, mobile, PC, PS2, GBA and additional platforms, the company hopes to become a new force in the development, publishing and distribution of multi-platform and mobile content.

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