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Aliens vs Predator set for OnLive line-up

Does move form part of wider SEGA deal to sign up with cloud computing service?

Recently-released shooter title Aliens vs Predator is set to become part of the title line-up for cloud computing service OnLive, it has emerged.

The news, revealed by Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley, could mean that its publishing partner for the title, SEGA, is set to sign up to OnLive alongside EA, Ubisoft, Take-Two and others.

Kingsley, speaking at last night's IBIS/LBS Videogames Investment Network event in London, was responding to a question regarding the possibility of games content being supplied by a cable television set-top box.

"I think there are quite a lot of walled gardens that have grown up in the industry, and people like Sony and Microsoft are very used to controlling a certain sector of the market - and have been very successful in doing that," he said.

"I definitely think there's an opportunity there, and different people are trying different things around concepts like cloud computing. We're working on something with OnLive at the moment, which enables you to play one of our games, Aliens vs Predator - but you don't actually have to own a copy of the game, you can play it remotely.

"Now there are some very interesting issues there - I don't know how that's going to scale, for example, and we're looking at the technology right now. But everybody's got a TV in their living room... so you've got a massive market there potentially.

"It's very exciting - and what I think is really exciting is that it's all about content. These guys have got some very interesting business models," he added.

He went on to describe that his priority as a games developer was to get games out to consumers, and that he wasn't concerned with the method of distribution.

SEGA failed to respond to any request for comment on the issue, so for now suggestion of a formal partnership between it and OnLive is unconfirmed.