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Alien Zombie Death

Out on PSP minis now, in Europe at least.

DEATH by ALIEN ZOMBIE is upon us... well, us Europeans anyway.

Bathe in the laser death froth of alien sillyness, puny humans....

ALIEN ZOMBIE DEATH is now out! Now! On PSP Minis.

Thats right. Just about the best thing you can do with £2.50 ( maybe ) is tucked away inside the playstation store waiting for you to shove it up your PSP and destroy the remainder of your week.

To quote EDGE online:


"This is one of those special games that threatens to define its platform:

the most appropriate PSP Mini yet released is modest in scope but sharply focused. It’s slight, but surprisingly rich in both character and atmosphere - and it will suck up much more of your time than you might initially expect."


- wholesome retro platform shoot-em-up carnage

- 14 levels of endless survival gameplay

- 112 medals to collect as trophies for your victims

- Power-ups, score bonuses and mutiplier goodness

- Absurdly low priced original PSP goods gov'ner

Alien Zombie Death : http://pompomgames.com/alienzombiedeath.htm

pompom games : http://pompomgames.com/

Chuck us a mail at : Contact @ PomPomGames . com If anybody needs anything that'll help you help us... help you.... etc



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