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AIAS honours four students with scholarships

Beaumont and Pausch scholarships amount to $10,000 for budding US developers

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has chosen four students to each receive $2500 in scholarship funds to advance their studies.

The US body awards the Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont Scholarship cash each year to help American videogame students achieve their educational goals.

Winners this year were Stephen Campbell (Lebanon Valley College), Grant Kao (The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University), Lu-Yu Huang (Carnegie Mellon University) and Justin Nesbit (The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University).

"Young creative talent has always been the life stream of the interactive arts," said Joseph Olin, president emeritus of Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

"The Academy is looking forward to being able to continue supporting the academic achievements of those students pursuing an interactive entertainment career. Randy Pausch and Mark Beaumont exemplified the highest standards of achievement in their respective fields in interactive entertainment, and the Academy is happy to do its part in supporting the next generation of game makers."

The AIAS aims to increase the awareness of the artistic value of videogames, both as an entertainment medium and as a form of artistic expression.

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