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AdventureQuest Announces The Quest For The Earth Orb, Plus New Mounted Armor And Weapons!


(Sunnyvale, CA - March 23, 2007) He is coming. The'Galin. The Devourer. The Uncreator. He exists between dimensions, traveling the universe in search of worlds to drain of life and elemental energies. He will destroy Lore. And nothing on Lore can stop him, not even the power of the Creator. Nothing, that is, except a brave band of adventurers even now collecting prime Elemental Orbs in a desperate attempt to survive The'Galin's arrival.

Announcing the quest for the Earth Orb, a quest that will take you deep below Greenguard Forest to a cave system carved by monumental burrow worms for the sole purpose of hiding the orb for Someone? Something? The quest to save the world of Lore with new monsters, new items, and a new guest continues at http://www.BattleOn.com

Also coming to the shops this weekend is Suld mounted armor, a level 40 version for everyone and a special level 60 version for Guardians. And don't forget to check out the new weapons in Yulgar's Inn shop.

All this and more, only at http://www.BattleOn.com

AdventureQuest is a Flash-animated role-playing game playable on most browsers. Free to play for either minutes or hours a day, players can delve into an action-packed fantasy world of myth and magic filled with hundreds of monsters, weapons, armor and items. For more information about all of Artix Entertainment's free-to-join web browser and Macromedia Flash-based games, please visit http://www.battleon.com/default.asp?referer=LevelUp

About Artix Entertainment, L.L.C.:

Artix Entertainment, LLC is a privately held game development studio with a track record of producing Macromedia Flash games, with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix Entertainment is a Florida-based game company founded by Adam Bohn in 2003.

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