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Activision shuts another dev, cancels Guitar Hero DLC

7 Studios is latest confirmed casualty of shock restructure

Further details have emerged regarding Activision's dramatic axing of its music games business last night.

Tweets from the official Guitar Hero account confirmed that, as well as the series seeing no more releases for the time being, its downloadable content is also on borrowed time.

"We will release the previously announced DLC track and mix packs for February, but we will not be able to release new DLC packs," the account revealed.

The only comment on the series' future was "We will continue to sell and support our catalogue of Guitar Hero, including Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock."

Further tweets from a member of Activision's LA in-house music game developer 7 Studios claimed that "Activision is shutting down the Guitar Hero business as of today. This includes my studio. Anyone know of any open associate producer jobs?"

2009 acquisition 7 Studios had assisted with DJ Hero and worked on Guitar Hero projects. The future of primary DJ Hero developer Freestyle and other internal studios remains uncertain, but Activision Blizzard has predicted around 500 job losses across the company.

Despite this, it claims expansion of its Call of Duty and Blizzard businesses means its ultimate headcount will not be "materially different."

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