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Activision updates Call of Duty code of conduct to combat toxicity

The firm also clarified its rules regarding cheating, as well as the progress of its new voice moderation system

Activision Blizzard has updated Call of Duty's code of conduct to combat player harassment and provided more insight into its voice moderation system.

In an update shared to the Call of Duty blog, the publisher clarified the behaviour it expected from players, updating its code of conduct to "better reflect [its] commitment to combating the use of [its] games to promote discrimination or violence."

This update focused on refining the "Treat Everyone with Respect" pillar of its code of conduct, highlighting that it does not tolerate "bullying or harassment, including derogatory comments based on race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, culture, faith, mental or physical abilities, or country of origin, or the amplification of any person, agenda, or movement that promotes discrimination or violence based on the above."

Rules regarding cheating were also updated, with Activision Blizzard reminding players that they are responsible for the actions on their accounts, and that "the use of cheats, including third-party software, is unacceptable" as noted on the Values section of its website.

The games firm also highlighted findings from its new voice moderation system put in place beginning August 30, 2023, which is still in its beta period.

Since the system's launch, more than two million accounts have experienced automated reporting from the voice moderation system, resulting in an 8% decrease in repeat offenders.

However, only one in five players reported disruptive behaviour, resulting in Activision Blizzard exploring ways to encourage more reporting by asking for feedback from users.

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