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Activision "not overly concerned" by MW2 PC complaints

IWnet ease of use will outweigh perceived negatives, says publisher

Activision has said that it is not overly concerned by complaints that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will not support dedicated servers.

The game will instead us IWnet, a new propriety matchmaking service – a decision that has caused outrage in the PC gaming community and prompted over 183,000 to sign an online petition calling for dedicated servers for the game.

"We're of course watching this very carefully and paying attention to it, but we're not overly concerned about it," stated Mike Griffiths, CEO of Activision.

Griffiths was adamant that IWnet is the right solution for the PC game, and that any perceived negatives will be cancelled out by a much easier multiplayer experience on the PC.

"One of the problems with our PC SKUs on this title in the past is it is not been as friendly a consumer experience with matchmaking and online play as the consoles have allowed it to be.

"Our solution here improves that overall by a significant margin so we think the benefit that we will see are going to far outweigh the negatives that seem to be surfacing."

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