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9lives.be/GUNK deal

Belgian games media outfits team up for TV, print and online projects.

Telenet and VGAS bvba bring their games-media activities together (in T-Vgas) and doing so they create a unique cross-media entertainment gaming concept

Gaming means more than just collecting frags, saving the world from extermination or winning exciting races. Gaming is fun, gaming is passion, gaming is a creative way to express yourself (alone or with your friends), exchanging ideas, etc. Gaming is hot, gaming is a way of life and ... gaming is for everyone and everywhere.

This unique feeling is what Telenet (9lives.be) and VGAS (GUNK) want to communicate to the outside world by bringing youngsters and young adults a platform where they can meet to satisfy their hunger and need for videogames and multimedia.

Telenet, built in a record time the largest and most active online gaming community in Belgium with their gaming website 9lives.be Telenet is a leading provider of media and telecommunication services. Its business comprises the provision of cable television, high speed internet and fixed and mobile telephony services, primarily to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels. In addition, Telenet offers services to business customers across Belgium under the brand Telenet Solutions. Telenet is listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TNET.

VGAS managed to conquer in less than four years time with his games brand GUNK a leading and dominating position in the Belgian gaming scene. Telenet and VGAS each have a leading position in their domain; games-, multimedia and entertainment.

By combining these brands in a new company, T-Vgas becomes the reference in Belgium for gaming media. Both parties have a professional, experienced and passionated team of writers and freelancers, all passioned by videogames.

With this cross-media initiative T-Vgas can fulfill the growing needs of advertisers and videogame companies. By doing so the advertisers can concentrate their marketing strategies and reach their targets in a fast and effective way on every possible platform; TV, print and online.

The digital entertainment channel, also being translated in a strong online and print outlet, not only offers a unique platform for gamers but also gives young TV-talents a possibility to show their projects. Last but not least by doing so T-Vgas is the perfect way to reach a target audience of young active adults (14 – 35 yrs).

GUNK magazine, GUNK online and 9lives stay the way they are, nothing changes there. GUNKtv will be back in Fall 2008 as planned. T-Vgas’ own digital entertainment channel will be broadcasted on Telenet Digital TV.

Quote Frank Molnar – General Manager VGAS:

We are very proud that in less than four years we managed to gain a leading position in the gaming and entertainment sector. A fact that Telenet noticed. Thanks to Telenet’s back up we get the needed support to fortify and expand this leading position. Telenet gives us carte blanche so that we can keep our own identity and independance to offer exciting and entertaining TV-shows in our own wellknown house style. Not the American dream but ... the Belgian gaming dream.

Quote Telenet – VP Product Management Television & New Media Stefan Devroey:

“"VGAS is the perfect partner to expand our ambitions in gaming and entertainment. VGAS’ young, dynamic, ambitious and experienced team with a passion for videogames and their knowledge of the active young adults and their environment will help us create a successfull partnership.”


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