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5% of Steam users play on a Mac

New Valve stats show decline in OSX take-up, as Windows 7 slowly rises

The latest Steam Hardware survey figures suggest that Mac take-up of the digital distribution service Steam is declining.

In total, 5.07 per cent of all machines running steam used OSX in July, the second month of release for Steam for Mac - compared to 8.13 per cent in June.

However, the actual decline in Macs' proportion of the Steam platform share was just 1.27 per cent, due to a continued increase in installs on PC.

Total Windows 7 take-up saw growth of 1.94 per cent, whereas in the previous month it had declined.

Other figures revealed that Intel retained a huge lead over AMD for processor share, at 72.37 versus 27.63 per cent. Dual core CPUs were the most popular type of processor, at 56.82 per cent.

NVIDIA retained the graphics card crown despite its huge losses for the last quarter, at 59.11 to ATI's 32.98 per cent. However, use of Intel integrated graphics was slowly rising - now accounting for 6.22 per cent of Steam's user base. Direct X 11 cards, the most recent strain, saw minor growth of 1.02 per cent.

In terms of OSX, MacBook Pro remained the most popular platform for Steam, netting 46.78 per cent of the total share.

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