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2029 Online

Delayed alpha test to get under way shortly.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or something to that effect. Well, we can’t say that we were happy with the 2029 Online ( http://2029.igg.com) Alpha Test being delayed (or our players for that matter), but we do know that we are even more excited than ever for opening day. After an extended pre-Alpha testing period, we are now focused on fixing the inevitable issues and problems that have arisen from our repeated testing. We know our Alpha Test players will be our biggest fans, and our harshest critics, and we can’t wait to see what they think.

Providing our players with everything they need to succeed in game, whether it’s the most stable servers, smoothest game play, or the most exciting community of players, is what we do. And although we sometimes have setbacks and delays, we look at them as challenges that need to be overcome, and they will be. So join us as we debut the newest addition to the IGG stable, and help us make it the best coming out party ever!

The login failures plaguing 2029 Online on Windows XP and Vista have been fixed! We are also running tests on many of the most important game features. The servers will soon throw open their doors for the Alpha test. A quick rundown of tests we’ve been running,

Maps Playability

It was a full-blown war. Our mission was to fight off the hordes of enemies in Naca Desert and Bright City. With the great bravery shown in combat, our companions finally received the wreaths of victory.

Mercenary System

Our official testers came to the Elf Wasteland to test the stability of the Mercenary system. Now, after the quests are accepted, you can pop up to the Mercenary interface and ally with a Mercenary to complete them.

Corsair System

Let’s focus on the Corsairs in the game now. Drive your Corsairs to punch a hole in enemies' defense or all around the map. There is also no problem with customizing your Corsairs by adding more gadgets. Upgrad the items, place the items in the appropriate slots, purchase a Corsair from the Corsair Admin in Bright City, and DIY Corsairs. Finnally, gear up your Corsair and find an enemy to test it out on.

Thanks again for all of our players’ support. Please head over to our official website http://2029.igg.com to be kept up to date on all the latest news and views of the Alpha test.

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