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"We'd love to be the Rovio or Supercell of VR"

Patrick O'Luanaigh, founder and CEO of nDreams, talks about VR budgets, pricing, and his ambitions for the space

Adventures in Virtual Reality

Three developers discuss VR development for first-person adventure games

nDreams tops up staff and funding ahead of VR's big year

Four new hires and £2 million investment will strengthen its position for the launch of The Assembly

nDreams: “We're not picking one. We're going with all of them”

Patrick O'Luanaigh on making safe bets in VR, and why developers should also be prepared to play the long game

Designing for Virtual Reality

nDreams' Andreas Gschwari tackles the "two major issues" facing developers working in the emerging market for VR games

nDreams gets $2.75 million investment

Acquisition and publishing deals now an option for British VR developer

PlayStation Home: Sony's most successful failure

nDreams CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh says goodbye to the virtual world

"There are a lot of ways you can mess up VR really easily"

nDreams' Patrick O'Luanaigh on his studio's switch to virtual reality

nDreams appoints Sonic boss as new VP of marketing

UK VR studio hires former global brand director for Sonic The Hedgehog

Mike Hayes joins VR specialist nDreams

Former SEGA CEO to sit on the board of UK studio

Why I don't want every game I play to last forever

CEO of nDreams writes for GamesIndustry International on the problems with free-to-play

nDream's Aurora hits 10m visits

Free-to-play title set in Home a success for UK developer

PlayStation Home's Aurora attracts 1 million unique visitors

nDreams' free-to-play game space hits key milestone, will continue to grow this year

UK indie nDreams named in Smarta 100 list

Aurora publisher one of the 100 smartest UK companies, voting now open to declare the winner

The Secrets to Start-up Success

Media Molecule, nDreams and Mind Candy share advice for new studios in a digital age

PlayStation Home space Aurora clocks 1m visits in 6 weeks

Free virtual destination benefits from PSN Welcome Back promotion

TIGA is 10: Looking Ahead

James Brooksby and Patrick O'Luanaigh on future challenges for the organisation

Facebook door closing for indie devs - nDreams

But CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh underlines opportunities for working with partners

nDreams' Patrick O'Luanaigh

The digital firm's CEO talks Facebook, Home and pursuing innovation on new platforms

nDreams partners with M&C Saatchi

Ad agency to help provide alternate reality games for major brands


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