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Zu Online

First PvP arena, Soulfight Altar, arrives shortly.

Soulfight Altar, the first PvP arena in Zu Online (, is now in its final phase of testing. With the completion of Soulfight Altar, players will have a place to go where they can settle things honorably, instead of in the street, so to speak. This new arena significantly improves the core PvP system and will make battles more fun, exciting, balanced, rewarding, and as PK so often is, unpredictable.


Once players enter Soulfight Altar, the system will reset players’ stats. Use of armor or items that used to have a big impact on PvP will be also limited. For example, Epic equipment will have reduced resistances and Urgent tablets which can teleport the losing side to a safe area will not function in the arena. These changes are designed to balance out PvP, and to minimize the gap between armed and unarmed players.

Soulfight Stones

Soulfight Stones are introduced to make the PvP more fun and entertaining. They will be scattered around the arena offering sudden boosts to players that pick them up. They may assist players to vanish from sight or have their movement speed dramatically increased or even see their attack power go through the roof. There are a total of 9 beneficial effects, and when a fight seems to be dragging out or heading for a stalemate, quick thinking players may be able to grab a stone and steal the win.

What do you gain from “Soulfight Altar”?

Now, let’s get down to the rewards. What could they give out that would make such unpredictably exciting PK worth the time to go to an arena? Well, anyone taking part will earn Soulfight points that can be exchanged for some awesome equipment, including Epic sets.

About Zu Online

Zu Online ( is a 3D MMORPG that is based on an oriental culture devoted to power through extreme meditation and cultivation of the inner spirit. It is a game that is in constant evolution, changing and improving itself towards perfection, just like the spirits that reside within heroes. Eastern style music and graphics, combined with this spiritual game philosophy has resulted in a unique game world that has captivated its passionate community of players.

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