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Zu Online

A guide to the monsters of Watercloud Palace.

In Zu Online (, players can play an apprentice of one of the five clans and then enter the epic battle between the Gods and Devils. To maintain justice, they have to fight various monsters in the game. Today, some high level monsters and NPC in Watercloud Palace will be shown as below:

Shark Soldier:

Davy Jones General quietly trains Shark Soldiers as his trusted subordinates. They are brave and battlewise but fierce and ruthless so they have gradually taken the place of the Chess Army.

Dragon Elder:

It is a sea dragon. It was sealed by the Boulder Immortal in the sea chess for its evil deeds.

Chess Elephant:

It’s a sea elephant that has become a talented monster after years of hard training. It looks simple, honest and even a bit slow. But actually, it is of great wisdom like a military counselor. It was sealed in the sea chess by the Boulder Immortal.

Dragon King:

The Dragon King is the leader of the sea dragons. No one knows his age and no one has ever gotten a full view of his appearance. He resides deep in the Sea Dragon Cave but always cares for his clan and oversees the world using his sagacious eyes.


Huoshen (NPC) is a talented master who possesses supreme power and has created tons of awesome creatures as well as guarding Watercloud Palace preparing to fight the Blood Demon. No one knows his history. No one knows his purpose either. People only know he is an excellent leader and guides the Resisting Army to fight against the Evil Chess Army without any complaints, even though he has suffered much hardship. However, he may keep a secret connection with the Evil Chess Army.

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