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Zu Online

A closer look at the Swordsman class.

Among the five clans of Zu Online ( ), the Swordsmen are the best damage dealers. Master Swordsmen wield the most powerful spells. Magic that can cause a lot of damage to a single target. Also, their spells cool down fast and can be cast instantly. Because of this, Swordsmen can level faster than of the other clans.

Now, let’s talk about how to spend their talent points to increase the number of monsters they can slay. To slay monsters quickly, Swordsmen need to spend almost all their talent points on the “Cohesion” branch.

First Row

Spend 10 talent points on “Lethality” until it increases the critical strike damage bonus by 14%. This may be one of most practical talents of Swordsmen.

Second Row

Spend 10 points on “Disabling Sword” to increase the Garrote chance of Flying Sword, God Sword and Multi Sword Strike spells by up to 11%.

“Subtle Strike” will not help slay monsters faster, so it can be left out for now.

Third Row

Spend 1 point on “Store Spirit”. Then you can use this talent when you have enough vigor, which will really help slay monsters.

The other talents on this row will not help accelerate monster slaying, so they can be ignored for now. However, we still need to spend more talent points on this talent branch in order to activate the talents on the fourth row. So spend 9 talent points on “Flying Sword Strike”.

Fourth Row

Spend 10 talent points on “Mortal Strikes” to increase the Critical Strike chance of Air Explosion, Fury of the Universe and Swirling Wing Spells by up to 16%.

“Soul Shaking” reduces the movement speed and attack speed of a single target, so it can be ignored for now.

Fifth Row

As for the talents in the fifth row, “Malice” is first on the list, so pump it up until it increases the chance of Critical Strike by 15%. This is another one of the most practical talents of the Swordsmen.

“Disabling Shot” is almost useless when fighting against a crowd of monsters, so it can be ignored for now as well.

Sixth Row

Spend 10 talent points on “Extended Blast” to increase the area of effect of Air Explosion, Fury of the Universe and Swirling Swords spells by 80. This talent is very helpful, especially for fighting against monsters while away from the keyboard.

When you have enough talent points to spend on the talents above, you should be around Level 207. At this level, you should be a veteran, and with the power you’ve gathered, it’s time to start mastering PvP, if you haven’t already. It’s all up to you. Remember that, to level fast, Swordsmen must use a Bolus of Rapidity to increase their experience gained. Also, before fighting AFK, Swordsmen should use Soul Power and make sure they have enough Soul Herbs left in their backpack.

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