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Yumsters! 2

Musical puzzler makes PC-to-iPhone transition.

Sept. 15, 2009 - The Yumsters have come to your iPhone - and they're hungry! G5 Entertainment, known for its best-selling iPhone games like Stand O'Food and Supermarket Mania, announced today that Yumsters! 2, the colorful, musical puzzler from award-winning studio KranX Productions that has charmed millions of players on PC, is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

In Yumsters! 2, players are called upon to help the Yumsters, cute and friendly worm-like creatures, eat their fill of juicy, delicious fruit. Match the Yumster to the appropriately colored fruit, and you're ready to rock. The tasty apples, grapes and oranges must be eaten quickly, though, because the clock is ticking!

Players earn money as they complete levels, bringing the Yumsters closer to their goal of creating deliciously sweet music. Completion of challenging rhythm-based mini-games provides the Yumsters with musical instruments - the equipment they'll need to find victory at the Fairy Town music competition.

"The drag-and-drop controls in Yumsters! 2 are perfect for the iPhone," said Vlad Suglobov of G5 Entertainment. "The result is intuitive gameplay that adds a new dynamic to an already engaging game."

Yumsters! 2 requires fast thinking, a sense of rhythm, and an appreciation for all things cheerful and fun. Colorful graphics, catchy music and a quirky sense of humor make Yumsters! 2 a charming must-have game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Features include:

• 64 colorful levels set in seven vibrant settings around the world

• Seven musical bonus levels

• Explosive Yumster talents

• Unique match-three and music gameplay

• Vibrant full-screen graphics

Yumsters! 2 is now available on the App Store at For more information, please visit the Yumsters! 2 home page at or the G5 Entertainment YouTube channel at The Yumsters! 2 trailer can be viewed at

Note to editors: Screenshots and video from Yumsters! 2 are available for your use on the MMPR ftp site (, inside the G5 Entertainment folder.

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