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Your Shape

Probably better than our shape.


Product I.D.

Full Name Your Shape

Platform Wii

Genre Sport-Fitness/Games For Everyone

Target Women, 25 – 45’s, Wii owners who are conscious that their body shape could be improved but:

- Don’t have much time for regular fitness practice

- Lack motivation (painful, boring, crowded fitness classes…)

Rating 3+ and E for Everyone


Release date EFIGS + NL + SCAN

December 2009

Legal lines

© 2009 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Your Shape logo, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries.

Based on a license to use the underlying original work created by Respondesign™, Inc., ©2005.

Product Description

Your Shape is a new type of fitness game that makes other fitness solutions obsolete:

Your Shape’s groundbreaking camera tracking technology will completely change your fitness experience, providing you with an unprecedented level of motivation and efficiency.

The game starts with a scan of your body: for the first time ever, you appear on screen and receive a full body diagnosis. Based on your specific diagnosis, the game is able to recommend the program best suited to your body shape and fitness level, to which you can also add your own priorities and preferences.

Finally as an exercise program only works if you do it right, Your Shape’s unique Body Tracking Technology follows your every move in real time, so that each minute invested is effective in helping you obtain your ideal body shape.

Key Features

Unique camera tracking technology:

Unique diagnosis: - A scan of your body

- A detailed analysis of your overall body shape and your fitness level

- A customised training program, to which you can add your personal priorities

Unique tracking of your movements: - Real time feedback on quality of execution of your movements

- Precise assessment of the efficiency of your workout

Playful and stimulating mindset that keeps you motivated as you are guided through each movement by a coach: - Coach next to you, giving you the motivational pep talks to keep you on track

- Fun signs and feedbacks, encouraging you to go beyond your limits.

Shape Selector: your coach will suggest you to work out one specific part of your body. You can choose among the fitness programs that the game offers based on your personal fitness goal.

Physical Challenge: check your fitness level by performing a specific evaluation on a regular basis.

Workout calendar: choose the length of your program and establish how often you plan to workout.

Training sessions with almost 500 unique exercises featuring Yoga, Cardio fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility, and Weight Loss Routine.

Tutorials: if the Body Tracking Technology detects that you don’t perform well, you can ask the coach to demonstrate you how the move should be performed correctly.

Charting progress: see your day-by-day progression displayed graphically as you work out.

Workout equipment: compatible with your own equipment, which you can incorporate into your workouts.

Music: choose your own music from a large variety of music styles like Latin, new age / chill out, techno, pop rock and so on, except for the yoga exercises that require a lower heart rate.

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