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Capcom confirms 'no plans' for PC version of Street Fighter IV

Yoshinori Ono blames piracy for decision to release latest edition on console only this December

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has said that piracy is the sole reason PC gamers won't be playing Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition when it's released on console this Winter.

The Capcom boss was talking to Japanese site 4Gamer (via Gamasutra), when he made the confirmation, stating that even though sales of Street Fighter IV had been solid on the platform, piracy had reduced revenue from the PC version.

He labeled the PC platform as "number one in piracy," claiming that although high levels of illegal play had enabled many people to sample the game, allowing free distribution of a title wasn't something Capcom was willing to do.

A PC version may be developed, however, should Capcom discover a copy-protection system solid enough to deter pirates.

But Ono made it clear that Steam-only releases were not something which the company would pursue, as limiting the game to users of the service would be unfair to people who had no access to it.

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