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Sega of America staffers vote yes to unionizing

AEGIS' decision comes nearly three months after it filed an election with the National Labor Relations Board

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Employees at Sega of America, making up the Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega (AEGIS), have voted yes to forming a union.

As reported by Polygon, the vote was 91 in favor and 26 against. The cohort is now another union at a major North American game company.

AEGIS is partnered with Communications Workers of America and consists of staffers from multiple departments, including marketing, localization, and quality assurance at Sega of America.

In a statement, Sega of America translator Ángel Gómez said, "From the start of this campaign, it has been clear that we all care deeply about our work at SEGA. Now, through our union, we'll be able to protect the parts of our jobs we love and strengthen the benefits, pay, and job stability available to all workers."

Sega of America's vote for unionization comes months after the unit filed for election with the National Labor Relations Board.

AEGIS' goals in forming a union included higher base pay, stable benefits, and adequate staffing to end overwork.

The group joins QA developers at Raven Software and Blizzard Albany from last year and Zenimax QA workers, whose union was formally recognized in January.

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