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XLEAGUE.TV To Create New Online Community – Game On!!

XLEAGUE.TV is coming soon, offering you the best and most comprehensive online gaming service available. Electronic sports stars of the future can hone their skills, improve coordination and fight for the ultimate prize of XLEAGUE.TV champion only on XLEAGUE.TV. Play solo, join a team or create a team to enjoy the unique interactive experience that only XLEAGUE.TV has to offer.

It is that Online Community which XLEAGUE.TV is looking to harness, involving social interaction and a full-on repsected gaming community. In online gaming, a clan or guild can range from groups of a few friends to large organised clubs,. Numerous clans exist for nearly every online game available today from sports to first person shooters. At XLEAGUE.TV, these are reffered to as Club & Team to support our sporting roots., and we aim to provide the first Esports icons where celebrities are created almost overnight via our online and on-air tournaments and broadcast.

Out of the countless number of clans, it is hard to stand out unless you win constantly, or have some outstanding gimmick. This is why XLEAGUE.TV enables users to create their own emblem and tagline to help them stand out from the crowd, however successful. Computer gaming is often viewed as anti-social by those who haven't tried it, with the stereotypical view of players sitting by themselves in bedrooms, studies etc concentrating on the game, instead of socialising with friends.

Humans are by nature social animals, and playing a multi-player game with people that you feel you know adds immeasurably to the experience. Yet gaming can bring immense pleasure and enjoyment, such as by beating ypur opponent in a league match and gaining some much needed points to go higher up the league table, as well as gaining the respect and admiration of your opponents and colleagues and improving not only your personal score but that of your Team and Club.

Whether you're a novice or expert, XLEAGUE.TV offers the chance to pit your wits and reflexes, as well as multiplayer team co-ordination, pushing your abilities to the very limits via the most hotly anticipated cross-platform online gaming service ever.

Featured fixtures are updated regularly online, enabling you to keep up to date with the latest news and results across leagues, platforms, genres and games. The better you and your team perform, the more likely you'll be featured on our dedicated broadcast channel and online clip show as we take gaming into the stratosphere.

The XLEAGUE.TV is brought to you in association with all the major console manufacturers and software publishers. Whether you play on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or PC, against multiplayer or one on one, across football, racer, shooter or sword, XLEAGUE.TV is the only place where online gaming comes together.

For more information please visit WWW.XLEAGUE.TV where our website is being formulated or alternatively Contact Lee Catania - Marketing Manager - 0207 308 5271 or

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