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Xbox was the only way to reach overseas markets - Capcom

Keiji Inafune targeted Xbox 360 to reach new audiences outside of Japan

Capcom's Keiji Inafune has said that developing titles for the Xbox 360 was the only way the publisher could successfully break Western markets.

Although the publisher had tried to create more Westernised titles in the past, including Shadow of Rome and the critically panned Without Warning, it wasn't until the current generation that the publisher scored blockbuster hits.

"I think I can only get away with saying this now, but I really thought that the using the Xbox was only way to break into overseas markets, and I took that hypothesis all the way," said the acclaimed developer.

Capcom supported the Xbox 360 with two exclusive titles – Dead Rising and Lost Planet – both of which were early hits for the publisher on Microsoft's console.

"I think the success of these two titles was a major achievement for our company," added Inafune.

"That the Xbox 360 was such a big hit, and the products that we made for the overseas market were so well received was extraordinary."

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