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Xbox game sales top one million in Australia

Sales of Xbox software in Australia have exceeded one million units since the console's launch last year, but Sony is reportedly unconcerned, despite surrendering 25 per cent of the market.

Microsoft may be having trouble competing with Sony in most areas of the world, but according to the company's Australian outpost, game sales in the land down under have topped one million since the console launched in March 2002.

To put that in perspective, the Xbox has an installed base of around 300,000 units in the region compared to roughly 847,000 PlayStation 2s, according to industry analyst Inform. Both consoles cost AUS$329 (£135) after a simultaneous price drop earlier this year.

More than 2,000 Xbox games are being sold every day according to Microsoft, compared to roughly 9,000 PS2 titles, although Sony still dominates sales charts in the region.

Indeed, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia is apparently unconcerned by Microsoft's sales milestone, with director Michael Ephraim telling the Australian Financial Review that "Xbox could have relegated the PlayStation to an old-fashioned brand, with no edge or newness. That hasn't happened, thanks to the tight connection the PlayStation brand has with our customers."

"One of the big challenges with PlayStation has been keeping the core audience as the brand becomes mass market. PlayStation marketing has to cover many different target audiences, from core gamers to mothers with young children. We couldn't do that if we just used main media. At the same time, all the marketing has to be consistent around the core brand essence."

Both Sony and Microsoft are planning to launch online gaming services in Australia before Christmas, with trials underway at the moment.

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