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Xbox 360 S launches in Japan this week

Slim version of console releases for ¥29,800 on June 24

Microsoft has confirmed the release of its new-look Xbox 360 for the Japanese market.

The Xbox 360 S will be available from June 24, for ¥29,800 - the same price as the current Xbox 360 Elite SKU, which will itself be discounted to ¥24,800.

Rumours continue to abound that a cheaper version of the new model is also due for release later this year.

The June 24 availability means the slimline, quieter-running version of the console will be available more or less in accord with its US and European release, despite the Xbox 360 currently selling just 3200 units a week in Japan. By contrast, the most recent Wii sales were 21,000, and 18,000 for PS3.

A range of 'liquid black' accessories will also be made available, including controllers and charging kits. Additionally, the Xbox 360 S also includes a special Kinect port, although Kinect availability in Japan is yet to be confirmed.

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