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Message received from the moon.

Taking Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) one giant leap further, Smoking Gun Interactive has sent players and radio and space enthusiasts a message from the Moon.

The gaming community at Smoking Gun Interactive’s “X” online experience at pulled off a world first over the holidays, as their efforts to probe deeper into forbidden mysteries actually led them off-planet for the first time in gaming history. A generation ago, communication with the moon was the sole province of NASA. Now, with “X”, the amateur enthusiast community has planted their own flag, using extra-planetary transmissions as part of an interactive gaming experience.

For a two-week period ending with the New Year, amateur radio dishes around the planet tuned in, attempting to pick up a series of scheduled signals being broadcast live from the moon that would hit most locations on the planet over the course of the broadcasts. The lunar transmissions came as a climax to a unique online game experience called an alternate reality game that started with a graphic novel at but soon had readers becoming players, as part of a resistance effort against a global conspiracy dating back thousands of years. Guided by mythology and ancient temples, players hacked into government surveillance systems and satellites in a desperate attempt to find a missing NASA scientist and uncover the truth behind humanity’s existence on earth.

The Message from the Moon brought a climax to the first chapter of Smoking Gun’s “X” universe, but the message itself suggests that there is much more to come in these “final days of the Age of Man”. Referencing Egyptian obelisks, pyramids, and other symbols of Freemasonry, the message warns that humanity is ruled by a group of “Watchers” who “sit in our high places”. The truth about these groups has been lost, buried and forgotten, and humanity’s only hope is that the coming war will reveal “the Truth”. This is the first time in history an entertainment company has actually used and incorporated a message from space into the plot of a story, as a means of adding depth to the game experience.

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