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A guide to the game's spells and beasts.


I find myself in situations where other powers fail, and the dark power seems to be the only thing that can overcome the situation. Darkball seems useful. I could throw a ball of energy that explodes on contact and throws my opponent to the ground. What makes it even more appealing is that monsters without any magic skills can't escape from Darkball and creatures of Light are extremely vulnerable to it.

Dark Rage:

Sometimes I find myself in some really crazy situations and I feel like letting the dark power control me. I love releasing this power when I am surrounded by enemies. It's as if I am creating a network of darkness that lashes out of the ground at those around me. I'm beginning to see how the Dark power can be used to help me. (Requirement: Darkball)


Figety and always hungry, Pango try to compensate for their lack of magic with their sharp teeth, high agility and large numbers. Pango surround their victim, exhaust him with a steady onslaught of bites and jabs, and then kick him down and tear him to pieces.

The Six-Winged: This flying insect-like creature looks like a dragonfly with one huge eye. In actuality, Six-winged are almost blind, and during flight, can only find their prey by detecting the heat all living things radiate. Their eye is, in fact, a lens which allows them to direct their magical power toward their victim. Experienced warriors know these creatures can be killed with just a knife and the necessary skills. Bullets or offensive spells can easily reach a Six-winged in the air.

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