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WWII Online: Battleground Europe

Version 1.29 now live.

Playnet Inc and Cornered Rat Software's long awaited 1.29 upgrade is going live today, with thousands of players eagerly anticipating a US Thanksgiving weekend filled with epic gaming. V1.29 includes new features that will prepare the way for the release of WWIIOL:Battleground Europe into the Chinese gaming market next year. The game is available for download and play at the official website. (

Bedford, TX, November 25th, 2008 --

Battleground Europe game servers were brought down at 12:00pm CST today in order to release the eagerly anticipated 1.29 update. Downtime is expected to be slightly longer than average in order to maintain the current campaign rather than perform a complete map reset. "Resetting to a new campaign would be a lot easier, but we don't want to kill this one as so many players are having a great time with it" explains Geofrey "DOC" Evans.

Version 1.29 has become one of the most eagerly anticipated updates for Battleground Europe. Features include a brand new tutorial program that will give beginers a better understanding of how to survive and thrive in those first few forays on the virtual battlefield. Along with Air combat improvements, new and updated terrain features and improved keymaps, several game features unique to the release into China next year were included such as text translation and anti-addiction code. Many of the features required for the Chinese release have laid the foundation for exciting new upgrades in the future. Senior producer Dana "GOPHUR" Baldwin says "As we worked together to prepare for a launch in China we realized that this is a great opportunity to improve and add to the gaming experience."

Both staff and players are excited about v1.29 and what it means to the future of Battleground Europe. Early response to the release shows that this US Thanksgiving weekend promises to see some epic online battles as players who have patiently and eagerly anticipated the update log in for combat.

A full read me of the features included in v1.29 as well as game updates and announcements can be found on our website at

Released in 2001, "Battleground Europe" is a brutal, online World War II based PvP in which players choose to fight for the Allied or Axis forces as ground troops, fighter pilots or tank commanders. It is a ground-breaking MMO that boasts thousands of fans worldwide.

For more information visit the official "Battleground Europe" website at

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