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Wright teases Stupid Fun Club projects

SimCity creator more interested in alternative reality than traditional console business

SimCity creator Will Wright has hinted at the direction of his games work for Stupid Fun Club, suggesting the developer is looking towards alternative reality and location-based gaming.

Wright left Electronic Arts in 2009 to continue his Stupid Fun club side-project full-time, looking at games as well as TV, movies, internet and toy possibilities.

"For the most part, the stuff we're working on is not shrink-wrapped, AAA, Xbox-only. It's stuff that's a little more diffuse, mobile, web," he told an audience at GDC last week, as reported by Eurogamer.

"I'm really interested right now in games that get people more engaged in the world around them rather than distract them from it. Using the world as a human platform rather than an Xbox. Kind of AR stuff."

Former employer Electronic Arts holds a majority stake in Stupid Fun Club, and last year the head of Wright's old Maxis studio, Lucy Bradshaw, said that there was a possibility that the two could collaborate in the future.

"That may very well be the case but right now Will's got some crazy stuff going on," she told

"He is just so mind-blowingly amazing in terms of coming up with new ways to look at something and I've always loved working with him."

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