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WoW launches in Russia

Blizzard opens five new realms localised to the region and offers free character transfers

Blizzard has announced the launch of World of Warcraft in Russia, with five new localised realms for the game and its expansion, The Burning Crusade.

Gamers in the region will be able to play the MMO in a fully regionalised form, including Russian language support and payment options for roubles. Russian players using a foreign copy can convert their account to the Russian version and transfer their characters to one of the new realms.

Two new Russian language realms have been opened for new character creation only, while three will be opened for free character migration.

However, the Russian accounts have different restrictions on them compared to the standard European ones. With a Russian-only account customers can play on Russian realms only, and have to pay their subscription in roubles. With a European account gamers can play on both European realms and Russian realms, but need to pay in European currencies.

World of Warcraft currently boasts 10.9 million active subcribers worldwide, with significant player bases across North America, Europe and China. The latest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, is due before the end of 2008.

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