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WotR Salutes Rick Moranis at 50

Way of the Rodent is 50 too. To celebrate we proudly announce the release of the world's first definitive listing of the 50 Greatest Shooters Ever. On-line now.

September 23rd 2004 - For immediate release


Includes new material from the legends Eugene Jarvis and Jeff Minter.

Yes! Mediocre actor Rick Moranis is FIFTY YEARS OLD. Ironically, is also FIFTY ISSUES OLD. Yeahyeah. Whatever... As our gift to the world of videogaming we offer up the 50 Greatest Shooters Ever. Without giving away the ending, the piece includes a photo of Robotron and Defender creator Eugene Jarvis doing the thumbs-up sign, which he sent us special like. Also includes Tempest 2K/3K coder Jeff Minter on the original Tempest.

Our 50th special includes the latest instalment in Jeff's extraordinary history of Llamasoft - a series that has become essential reading for all in the industry, charting as it does, the very roots of games coding. Rodent regular Swith complements a strong line-up with a heart-warming reminder that life in the arcades today can be just as thrilling as it ever was.

Our Fiftieth Special is typical of the content to be found at WotR: the games website endorsed by legendary Robotron designer Eugene Jarvis as 'the shit'. If you're ready to ride the new-wave of grown-up gaming journalism, it's time to put WotR onto your media schedule.

Notes for Editors/PR Teams

  • More than 20,000 readers visit every month to take a little dram of the original spirit of videogaming
  • More than 100,000 readers downloaded our smash-hit Paper Arcade cut-out and stick arcade cabinet models
  • Way of the Rodent (WotR) is leading the first wave of grown-up videogaming media and is read predominately by thirty-something family-men spending serious money on their dirty little gaming habit
  • The magazine launched in the autumn of 2003 and has been published weekly ever since
  • It features contributions from a global team of fifty writers, including established videogame journalists, legendary characters such as Jeff Minter, and senior games-industry figures (often writing under pseudonyms), as well as real, proper, ordinary games-players
  • All content is available for syndication

For further information please contact Publisher Richard Hammond - Email: Telephone: 07971 600 936, or the Editor Andrew Lowe - Telephone: 07905 717 288.

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