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World Championship Poker DS

Release: April 5th, 2005

Format: Nintendo DS

Genre: Poker/Cards

Developer: Sensory Sweep

Publisher : Crave Entertainment

UPC Code: 6-50008-09901-0

WSP: $24.00 SRP: $29.99

Number of Players: 1 Player (up to 6 Wireless)

ESRB: "E" with Mild Language and Simulated Gambling

World Championship Poker DS will put players in the fast and freewheelin' world of high-stakes poker. With the success of televised poker events and the sheer number of players in this growing sport (50-70 million worldwide) World Championship Poker DS is poised to bring the thrill of the game onto the Nintendo DS system! Players will soon be going all-in with "the pure nuts" and stealing pots left and right! World Championship Poker DS is high-stakes poker!

Why to buy:

  • Twelve types of poker and card games including Texas Hold'em, Five Card Draw , Video Poker and Black Jack.
  • Interactive Poker tutorials for each game.
  • Wireless multiplayer for up to six players, featuring a "smack talk" system so you can taunt your opponents.
  • Quick Play for players who just want to play a quick tournament style card game.
  • Career mode that features four 3D themed casinos, poker tournaments, a Loan Shark and a Gift Shop. Customize your character with "bling" as you rake in more pots!

Scheduled for release in April 5th, 2005, World Championship Poker will be available for the Nintendo DS.

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