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Women in Games unveils manifesto urging for equality in the industry

The declaration calls for more diverse experiences, removing professional barriers, and sustainability

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Women in Games has revealed a manifesto calling for equality and equity in the games industry.

The organization's Women in Games Manifesto is a fourteen-point declaration promoting the end of gendered discrimination.

Within the announcement, the advocacy group said it was inspired by the UK women's suffragist movement, which also published a proclamation on why it should be supported.

The reasons included in the Women in Games Manifesto are listed below:

  • Because equal pay for all means equal pay for women.
  • Because women's life experiences and professional expertise are wildly diverse, bringing more innovative ideas, developing better games, and a richer, more vibrant creative culture for everyone.
  • Because in order to achieve fairness, the tangible barriers that prevent women from entering the games industry must be removed.
  • Because embracing gender equality and diversity in games and the games industry will bring about a sustainable future.

Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman said, "Women working in the industry are less likely to be in game development and programming roles and less likely to be in senior positions. And only a few studios are owned and run by women.

"There are serious challenges in the games sector, with toxicity against girls and women players online and sexual harassment at major corporate events, along with discrimination in the workplace."

The organization said that women and girls continue to face gender-based harassment in person and when playing online.

Citing Bryter's Female Gamer Study 2022: Data and Insight report, the non-profit highlighted that 72% of the survey's 1,500 respondents from the UK, US, and China said they experienced toxicity from their male peers.

Additionally, the organization highlighted that per GDC's 2022 State of the Game Industry report, among a survey of more than 2,700 people, the representation of women in games was 20%.

Meanwhile, UKIE's 2022 industry consensus from over 3,600 UK game professionals listed that women comprise 30% of the industry.

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