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Strategy title updated, winSPMBT gets a patch too.


Cary, NC, 16 March 2011


Skyrocketing gas prices. Crises in the Middle East. Vatican warlock assassins. It’s almost like it’s the seventies again! If you’ve been feeling a tad bummed out by the world it’s time to start getting giddy. Camo Workshop, the legends behind the best tactical classic wargames on the PC—winSPWW2 and winSPMBT—have just completed work on two new upgrade patches.

Available for immediate download, these patches may be the biggest and best upgrade patches released yet for winSPWW2 and winSPMBT. Both are positively bursting at the seams with new content, gameplay enhancements, and bug fixes. Not only that, but some really cool changes have been made beneath the hood that will help deal with modern operating systems, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the games in pristine glory.

There are far too many items to list here, but a complete catalog of changes can be found in the notes after applying the patch. For now, here is an overview and sampling of what you can expect to find in the patches. Before reading you may want to get a clean pair of pants ready, because yes, you’re about to get that excited.

First, an overview of each patch.

Upgrade 4.5 for winSPWW2 includes the following:

·         12 new scenarios.

·         7 updated scenarios.

·         1 revised campaign.

·         2 revised campaign files.

·         1 new terrain type (Desert House).

·         208 new/revised photos.

·         28 new/revised vehicle or aircraft icons.

·         36 updated OOB files.

·         10 revised icon graphic files.

·         4 new/revised text files.

·         Upgraded Cost Calculator.

·         Upgraded MOBHack, MOBHack.ini, MOBHack Help file.

·         Upgraded ScenHack, Camo Map Editor, Game Options.

·         Upgrade 4.25 files included (no more need for 4.25).

Upgrade Version 5.5 for winSPMBT has:

·         15 new scenarios.

·         30 updated scenarios.

·         8 revised campaigns.

·         36 revised campaign files.

·         1 new terrain type (Desert House).

·         337 new/revised photos.

·         530 new/revised vehicle or aircraft icons.

·         92 updated OOB files.

·         40 new/revised icon graphic files.

·         12 new/revised text files.

·         1 revised map.

·         43 revised picklists.

·         Upgraded Cost Calculator.

·         Upgraded MOBHack, MOBHack.ini, and MOBHack Help file.

·         Upgraded ScenHAck, Camo Map Editor, Game Options.

And now let’s highlight but a few of the many, many changes found in the patches.

·         Owners of the Enhanced Edition (CD or digital) will be thrilled to learn that widescreen support has been added, allowing you to run the game at the same resolution as your normal desktop.

·         Tweaks to the code have made the games much more friendly to CPU usage. The newer and faster your hardware is, the more noticeable this will be.

·         Friendlier to even the latest incarnations of Windows. The GameOptions program will autodetect if your OS is XP or earlier, or Vista/Win7/whatever the future may hold and if your OS is newer than XP it will automatically run a command line that shuts Windows Explorer down briefly then restarts it only if you have the game set to run in full screen.

·         All anti-tank gun unit classes have had their cost reduced by approximately 25%. Anti-tank guns for everyone!

·         HQ, scout classes, forward observers, and ammo vehicles will now withhold opfire if they have not been fired so they do not give away their position.

·         A small section of code was missing from the pre-game deployment screen: (L)oad and (U)nload ALL UNITS routine where the (ESC)cape key did not allow you to change your mind but loaded or unloaded all units when the (ESC)cape key was selected. This has been corrected and the (ESC)cape function now allows the gamer to back out of that situation.

·         A new minimum range code for artillery has been added. It is based on 1/5th of the unit’s range with five hexes being the absolute minimum on map arty units will target indirect. Minimum for mortar units is now two hexes.

·         The PBEM long campaign was not supposed to have special battles but a bug was allowing these to occur. Fixed.

As mentioned earlier, the above highlights are but a taste of the upgrade delights found in the patches. The patches are worth downloading alone for the widescreen enhancement.

IMPORTANT NOTE! We gently remind all that in the case of an ongoing secure PBEM game the game will FAIL, and fail hard, if the patch is applied while being played. Avoid the catastrophic effects, DO NOT APPLY UNTIL AFTER YOUR GAME IS FINISHED. Mm’kay?

Download the version 4.5 Upgrade for winSPWW2 here.

Download the version 5.5 Upgrade for WinSPMBT here.

All upgrades must be done in sequential order, so if you have missed any previous patches make sure to download and apply them before installing these latest patches.

winSPWW2 and winSPMBT are tactical wargames focusing on combined arms warfare representing conflict from the thirties until the near future. Using a classic turn and hex based approach, both games have their roots in SSI’s Steel Panthers series. Featuring literally hundreds of scenarios, many campaigns, easy editing capabilities, and multiplayer support, winSPWW2 and winSPMBT are the last word in tactical turn based computer wargaming. Accept no substitutes!

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