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For Immediate Release

Dallas, TX - September 9, 2004 - The expert design team at Shockwave Productions, is proud to announce that their title, Wings of Power for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century of Flight, has gone gold and will be available in retail stores across North America beginning this September.

Some flyers live for complex gauges and realistic cockpit environments, while others simply admire watching their new aircraft fly through their favorite places around the world. It is our belief that while soaring through the skies, even the casual flyer will appreciate that there is a world of detail and history in every dial and switch. It is the same feeling you get when you sit in the cockpit of a real airplane. The difference is, in a simulated world, you can have it all.

Wings of Power sets new standards in many areas. The most stunning areas are the 3D cockpit environments. While they are beautiful to look at, they represent the top layer of an amazing world that lies beneath. The more you fly these aircraft, the more you discover. It won't be long until you fully understand why we refer to it as having "History in a box."


  • 153 page manual including rare data and the real operation of these amazing aircraft.
  • Gorgeously constructed aircraft, inside and out, down to the last rivet.
  • Fully clickable cockpits with authentic working gauges.
  • 3D cockpits so real, they look just like their 2D rendered counterparts.
  • The latest wind-tunnel technology helps to create for the most authentic,

fluid flying qualities, including complex spins and stalls.

  • Enhanced visual effects and lighting.


  • B17F and B17G "Flying Fortress"
  • B29a "Super Fortress"
  • B24D and B24J "Liberator"
  • PB4Y-2 "Privateer"
  • Lancaster BIII and "Grand Slam"
  • Ar234 "Blitz Bomber"
  • Ta183 "Huckebein"
  • He162 "Salamander"

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


Shockwave Productions specializes in the development of flight simulations, strategy games, special effects, and sound. The company is a North American based company in Farmington Connecticut. For more info Contact: Andrew Hoolan - 972.291.6895 -

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