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Wild Frontier

Big-in-Korea game getting global release.

Wild frontier is under submission. It will release in late January.

Beta testers say

“This game is awesome! The graphics, the music, the characters… I completely love it”

“It is a beautiful game with a strong battle system, quest system, and leveling system”

“The game has a nice setting and the story is very interesting. Characters are likable and the graphics are nice too.”

“I find this game to have brilliantly detailed graphics and environments that are FAR better than any other korean RPG on iOS.”


The greatest adventure story into the unknown!This story is about the legendary hero who accidentally discovers the new world and saves the continent from ancient demons awakening from trapped in the seal. It’s dynamic storyline won’t make the adventure tedious and the exciting combats against powerful bosses will stimulate your desire to challenge.


The grand scale of story with various maps

An exciting adventure story through an ancient city of the new world with 8 local maps (ice load, desert, grass land , volcano, submarine city, etc) and 24 towns.

Hunting, gathering and item creation systems

Gather resources by hunting, gathering and mining and create your own weapons and equipments following special recipes. There are lots of fun to make unigue items.

Dynamic skill effects

All weapon has unique skill and makes different effects with spectacular visuals.

Weather & day-night system

weather and day/night cycle change  monster's power levels and combat conditions are changing every moment

Three classes

Choose one of the three different classes – “Warrior” boasting a strong offense, “Tanker “ harmonizing of attacks and defense , “Scouter” handling two weapons skillfully.



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