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Wii US sales reach 9.5 million

Nintendo sold more than 714,000 Wii consoles in the US in April, rapidly closing in on the Xbox 360's installed base

Nintendo sold 714,200 Wii consoles in the US during the month of April according to sales data released today by the NPD Group.

Nintendo announced that these sales bring the system's lifetime US sales to 9.5 million.

Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox 360 was the first current generation system to reach 10 million units sold in the US. It sold 188,000 Xbox 360 consoles in April.

The latest NPD Group figures - showing the Wii outselling the 360 nearly 4 to 1 - support analysts who have said that the Wii's installed base will eclipse that of the Xbox 360 very soon.

The PlayStation 3 sold 1,000 units less than the Xbox 360 in April, but both were outperformed by the Nintendo Wii and the DS.

Hardware sales totaled USD 426 million - up 26 per cent from USD 339 million in April 2007.

The US hardware sales figures for the month of April were as follows:

  • 1. Wii - 714,200
  • 2. Nintendo DS - 414,800
  • 3. PSP - 192,700
  • 4. Xbox 360 - 188,000
  • 5. PlayStation 3 - 187,000
  • 6. PlayStation 2 - 124,000
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Mark Androvich