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Wii Motion Plus to be "very affordable"

Iwata-san: Most of our Wii original accessories have now been unveiled

Nintendo is working hard to keep the cost of the new Wii Motion Plus peripheral low so that gamers are able to buy as many as they need for the number of controllers they own.

That's according to Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata, who told the Wall Street Journal that although the company hasn't yet announced a price, the Wii remote addition isn't costly to make.

"There will be games that will be enhanced by the Wii Motion Plus as well as games that can only be played with it," he said. "Users will need four if they have four controllers, but we're going to try to offer it for as little as possible. We haven't announced the price yet, but the cost of making the Wii Motion Plus is not that much, so I think we can make it very affordable."

Additionally, most of the accessories originally planned for the Nintendo Wii have now either been released or unveiled, including the Balance Board and Wii Motion Plus.

"Most of the ideas for accessories that we had initially come up with are out now," he explained. "We might think up some more, and we might make them if we do, but we don't have any plans to release a whole lot more."

"Wii Music completes what [Shigeru] Miyamoto wrote in his proposal when he came up with the idea for the Wii. He was saying that he needs to think up more ideas now."

Nintendo has been credited with bringing in swathes of new people to gaming through the DS and Wii consoles, with success coming from mainstream marketing and accessible control mechanisms.

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