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Wii lifetime sales hit 71 million

Poor start to the year sees hardware and software sales both drop in fiscal 2010

The Wii has seen drops in both hardware and software over the last 12 months, as Nintendo's latest financial results reveal detailed statistics for the full financial year.

According to Nintendo Wii sales lagged noticeably for the first half of the year, picking up in the Christmas gift-giving season. The home console still registered sales of 20.53 million over the year though, for a lifetime worldwide total of 70.93 million - the largest cumulative unit sales performance for any Nintendo home console.

Hardware sales in Japan picked up slightly from 2.06 million to 2.38 million over the course of the financial year, but fell in the West. Sales in the Americas dropped from 12.93 million to 9.86 million and in the rest of the world from 10.96 million to 8.30 million.

While admitting that that it had failed to release enough prominent new titles in the first half of the year, Nintendo saw software sales pick up in the second half. Wii Sports Resort sold 16.14 million units worldwide, Wii Fit Plus sold 12.65 million and Super Mario Bros. Wii 14.7 million.

As a result the number of million-seller titles for the Wii, including third party titles, increased from 54 to 79 over the course of the year.

Overall software sales for the Wii saw a less precipitous drop than the DS over the course of year, falling from 204.58 million to 191.81 million. Sales rose slightly in Japan from 13.03 million to 14.98 million, but again fell in the West.

In the Americas overall software sales fell from 113.64 million to 104.29 million and in the rest of the world from 77.91 million to 72.54 million.

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David Jenkins