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Wii beat PS2 software record, says Nintendo

Nintendo claims that its Wii console has broken the PS2's record by selling 50 million games during its first 18 months

Speaking at a summit yesterday, Nintendo of America's VP of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway said that the Wii had sold more than 50 million units of software during the first 18 months that it has been on the market.

That figure would set a new record - eclipsing the 42 million copies of PS2 software sold during its first 18 months.

Approximately 30 million Xbox 360 games, 28 million original Xbox games and 20 million PS3 games were sold during the same period of time in the lifecycles of those consoles.

While Nintendo's 50 million figure does not include the copies of WiiSports bundled with every Wii console sold, it does apparently include WiiPlay - bundled with the Wii remote - and Link's Crossbow Training - bundled with the Wii zapper.

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