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Wibble Blows Onto the Scene

For Immediate Release

Sept 2nd, 2005 - Red Games ( has announced their latest product in their ever-growing line of unique games. Wibble is a loveable and relaxing game in which you blow your letters into the target zone on the game board. With an emphasis on simplicity, Wibble will captivate you in mere seconds.

More than just a game, Wibble is a personal achievement for Red Games. Originally designed as a way to get away from their latest larger project, Wibble was created in 48 man hours for the company owner's 3 year old niece. For those that take the time to download the game, "Slim" game mode is named after her nickname, and with her getting royalties on any sales, Wibble will be her favorite game for a long time. An addictive side project that took the family by storm, Red Games hopes to bring that same atmosphere to your roof.

Wibble is a game of skillfully navigating the game board by controlling your gusts of wind. It takes literally a few seconds to learn and a few minutes to play a game. Every game session is different; in fact, there are literally quadrillions of possible combinations playable. The player writes out the word and number combination that must be blown into place. Red Games suggests that players make friendly side bets with friends by writing the bet into your challenge box. Win a dollar, a kiss, or a car wash, it is up to you! The minimalist design and toe-tapping tunes will keep you transfixed on this classic style game of skill.

Experience the elegance of Wibble, with multiple game modes and unique personalization that allows you to make the game your own. If you are looking for a simple challenge with endless potential, Wibble is the game of your wildest dreams.

Like all of Red Games products, Wibble comes with a 30 day money back guarantee along with a free 60 minute trial! Challenge your friends or challenge yourself, Wibble is the ultimate single player or party game.

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