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What Would You Do For A Million?

GamesRouter Shocks the Online Gaming Market at the G*star show in Seoul, Korea Giving Lucky Players a Chance to Win a 1 Million Euro Cash Prize.

United Kingdom, West Yorkshire - November 11, 2005 -- GamesRouter Ltd, a Leading European Online Gaming Publisher, today announced at the G*star game show in Seoul, Korea, that they will be giving 50 lucky players a chance to win up to 1,000,000 cash. From January 2006 till the end of November 2006, Gamers who sign up and play R.O.S.E. Online from the European servers will be given a chance to battle with wit and cunning to defeat tough monsters that could lead to winning 1 Million! This can be achieved either by themselves or with their friends. In addition, other lucky players can win electronic gadgets, PC's and a range of cash prizes. All of these exclusive gifts will be in-game just waiting to be won by lucky players who beat the monsters.

With the release of MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) R.O.S.E Online (, GamesRouter have planned to take the Online Gaming experience to the next level. ROSE stands for Rush on Seven Episodes which is a translation from its Korean Origin. Antony Burgess, GamesRouter CEO, comments that 'rush is very apt in the standing of the game as players will certainly rush to level up to be tough enough to try and defeat the in-game monsters with their well-honed skills?.

To have a chance of winning prizes and cash, players will have to slay certain foes within the game which may drop gold, silver or bronze tickets.

Bronze tickets will give players game related merchandise and game time.

Silver tickets will win bigger prizes such as the latest in portable music players and other gadgets.

Gold ticket holders will automatically be entered into the 'live' event at the end of the year for their chance to try and win the 1million prize.

The gold ticket winners will be whisked away on an all expenses paid trip to a secret location where they will fight it out in a live tournament; all the winners will have a chance to win the 1 Million Euros. They will also be able to win such prizes as 50,000, computers, laptops, etc, but, all of the 50 participants will go home with a prize!

*But be careful you don't pick up the booby prizes!*

This once in a life time opportunity is open to everyone, come try out a new life in Rose, it could change your real life a million times over.


For further information please contact:

Jass Kundi

Marketing Manager

GamesRouter Ltd

Mobile: 07775 900 309

Tel: 01274 4613334

Fax: 01274 622077

About GamesRouter Limited

GamesRouter Ltd is a new company based in Bradford, UK with considerable experience and background in online gaming. It has established itself as a service publisher with several Korean Developers and has run established games like 'Legends of MIR? and 'ROSE? across Europe. The vision of GamesRouter is to be the 'No. 1 European Publisher of Online Games'. Responsive, service driven, and with a diversified game portfolio across multiple platforms - GR intends to take the online market by storm. The market for games is changing fast and growing. GamesRouter aims to be at the cutting edge of this growth.

About Rose Online

R.O.S.E (Rush on Seven Episodes) is the first ever MMORPG that features seven different planets. The world of R.O.S.E Online consists of 7 unique planets, each planet has it own set of particular environments, rules, laws and characteristics.

All explorers will enjoy the vast range of adventure scenarios that these very different worlds have to offer.

Players can actively affect the outcome of each planet, and are able to climb the local power ladder to use as a basis of invading other planets through force or subterfuge.

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